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...I believe that this work will underscore the link between the Latino-american countries and Spain, through the guitar and its history. I back up this remark with my best wishes for the greatest success.”

— Paco de Lucía: (on “Travesía”)

My congratulations as well as applause for this work; it was the charm of creating a subtle atmosphere, full of poetry. I think that “Travesia” will have the full support of the public, and I hope that this is so. Your creative musical work and your performance on the guitar are excellent     ”

—  Abel Carlevaro

"Travesia" (The Guitar, Witness to Five Centuries), an oratorio for  recitative, singing voice,  mezzo-soprano  and chamber  orchestra (texts  by José  Tcherkasky). Has also  composed works  for  solo guitar,  guitar and  violoncello, guitar and  string quartet, piano and voice,  etc. 

"Travesia,"  published  on  CD  and  cassette  by  EPSA Music (Argentina); by José Tcherkaski and José Luis Merlin, recorded by the actress.  Cipe Lincovsky,  with chamber orchestra.  This work was nominated for  the ACE 1993  prize (Association Cronistas  del Espectáculo) en the category "Obra integral" (complete work).